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Telephone Cords

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We offer other items now and then, like dials, clock oil and screwdrivers. If you have any queries regarding the use of these items, please send us an


This is the Ericsson (Beeston) wall version of the 332 that they brought out cerca 1948. The GPO only adopted the 311 version (shared service) version with a button. The Electricity Industry used a lot of them in their Power Station PAXES. The bakelite quality is very good and they look "fifty-ish" now and fit in well with period decor and come up on ebay a lot. Contact us for an original looking handset cord £14 + p+p

WHAT WE MAKE........all types of cords!!

We have machines to braid cotton to make plaited or round cords (known as braided cords in the trade!) There is a lot of hand-finishing to plait them and do the terminations. We use spade tags normally, but for original Ericssons and Gecophones we can do bound loops...which is labour intensive.  My assistant, Nubia, plaits them nicely and makes the bound loops as well. If you have any question about this aspect ask her in an e-mail, just address it to her in the subject line.

Latest Products

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  GPO  Telephone dials - stainless steel

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Telephone dials available no. 10 and no. 12 - they are refurbished with all screws  £28 + post



These are made to make your Gecophone original again! Any colour and the inner wires are striped. Ends can be spade tags or bound loops contact us for quote  

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Footprint screwdrivers No,9

made in Sheffield to same spec as GPO

£4 + post

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Ericsson Skeleton LINE cord 5-way bound loops. Also for GPO tele 16   £35 + post

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Ericsson skeleton phone Handset cord

Original looking with bound us- there are different versions average price £30 + post

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Plaited handset cord 42"

in: ivory, red, greed, brown and black 3-way

Contact us for 4-way £15

Brown handset cord

this shows spade tags...£14 + post if you would like bound loops, they cost £5 more.  Quantity discounts available.

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Ivory handset cord

this shows spade tags..£14.+ post  if you would like bound loops, they cost £5 more. Quantity discounts available.
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Clock oil...for Master clocks and strowger selectors and unis. £5 bottle + post

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Bell receiver cord

for candlestick phone and wall phone £ 9 + post.




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